Welcome to Franciscan Clarist Congregation

FCC Charism

FCC Charism is to attain perfect love, experiencing personally and intensely the self-emptying love of the poor, humble and Crucified Jesus and leading a life of constant conversion and penance, bearing witness to the Gospel. The source and strength of FCC Charism is anchored on the Gospel and is lived by contemplative love for God and compassionate love for the brethren. Through meditative life, deep prayer, and total trust in God, we enter into personal intimacy with the poor, humble and crucified Lord. It enables us for self-renunciation, poverty, humility, cheerfulness, simplicity and inner freedom in the Spirit.  It holds high the ‘lowliness of heart’ as the most significant feature of FCC religious life, which leads the individual to the option for constant conversion, penance and self-emptying.