Welcome to Franciscan Clarist Congregation

FCC Vision

Attain perfect love by identifying with the poor humble Crucified Lord.

FCC Mission

Live the Gospel in lowliness of heart.

The Apostolic mission of FCC is to work tirelessly to reach the life and message of Jesus out to the people through the living witness and various apostolic ministries. FCC accomplishes its apostolic mission by going down to the people as persons of deep God experience, through the loving services to all people, especially the poor, the neglected, the oppressed, the exploited and the destitute recognizing God in them.

The Communitarian mission of FCC is to grow and nurture through self-gift, with lowliness of heart, loving one another considering others as our own, praying and sharing together, in the spirit of the Holy Trinity and in the model of early Christian community.

The Personal mission of an FCC sister is to strive with lowliness of heart to attain perfect love by being led by the Holy Spirit and growing in intimacy with Jesus through active participation in the Sacred Liturgy, contemplation, penance, self-emptying and Eucharistic life.

Lowliness of heart, the foundation of all virtues makes the life and mission of FCC a distinct one. Thus lowliness of the heart becomes the sole identity of FCC.