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St. Germaine cousin – Thazvarayil virinja Panineerpoove

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Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Lavigne- the founder of Franciscan clarist congregation selected St. Germaine cousin as the patroness of FCC . she was an unnoticed saint to the eyes of
men, but to Him, no one was more beautiful or precious than this humble and lonely Shepherdess. This book is an attempt to unveil the depth of the spirituality and the beauty of the soul of the saint.Out of two parts the first chapter is a short biography of the saint and the next 13 chapters and inspiration to evaluate our religious values through the light of German spirituality. the attitude of forgiveness, love and simplicity one of the most fruitful weapons in spiritual fight against acquisitions and Prejudice. the life of a Germaine gives us an inner thirst to grow in divine virtues as well as Franciscan simplicity.