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My health is complete when everyone is healthy Our greatest happiness is self- happiness is self – happiness. No matter how many material pleasures we get, our mind will not be satisfied. “God, you made me for yourself. My mind is restless until I find peace in you” says St. Augustine. No Matter what we achieve, we will end up standing on the brink of nothingness. Life is an achievement and a blessing for these who feel that nothing they have gained or done is a loss. If one thinks that forwhom was all that I accumulated without taking time to care for my fellow man, then they are wasting their life. The aim of any literary work is to lead the society to the path of light. This book is no exception. The ideas conveyed by its article’s lamp can be a stumbling block to those who stip from error to error. Anyone who seeks the light of this will be a guardian of our love, mercy, care and selflessness.