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Maniyakunnile Manikayam

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The life history of Rev. Sr. Coletha, the Ruby of Maniamkunnu, widely known as ‘the sister oftrifling help’, is  narrated in a very simple and beautiful language. Colethamma was a great soul who never wavered before cross, instead found the meaning of the cross in the Cross itself and found shelter beneath the Cross. Her life which is a sign of the presence of God blows like a cool breeze and its fragrance enriches the eastern parts of Kerala. This book is the effort of Sr. Jose Mary FCC to bring into lime light the holy mysteries in the life of Colethamma who accepted all the sufferings of her religious life, the agony of terrible loneliness, fear, the ailments, pain and negligence without any complaints, but as the will of God. Let Colethamma who scaled the steps of sanctity through trifling steps be an inspiration and an ideal for us all.