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The Chest of Fragrance comprises the aroma of sanctity of St. Alphonsa who held tight the Cross and the Crucified to her life. The perfume that derived from a sacred life of suffering is kept tightly closed in this chest. We are called to open this chest of fragrance and to inhale the refreshing and enriching cologne of her sanctity. This book helps us to drink from this spiritual fountain of holiness and spread light of compassion and the love of Christ in the various fields of our apostolate.

This book is the outcome of the Seminar conducted byFCC BharananganamAlpho nsaJyothi Province at St. Alphonsa Spirituality Centre Bharananganam from 4 th to 6 th of November 2022, on the Spirituality of St. Alphonsa with the intention to pass on to the futurity the scrutinized study of the holy consecrated 36 years of life of the saint on this earth.

‘Let us keep tightly closed the chest of fragrance of our virtues. Let Jesus alone know of it.’ St. Alphonsa. This Chest of Fragrance helps us to delve deep into the heavenly mysteries in the life of St. Alphonsa and serves as a Lamp to spread light in our daily life.