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Maniyamkunnile Divya Sunam

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The Divine Blossom of Maniamkunnu which comprises of 32 chapters is a beautiful and meditative journey through the holy way of life of Colethamma, the consecrated religious. When we make this journey one feels that the sanctity of FCC is hidden in the path of suffering. The pain of the long lonely life in the convent and the agony of isolated life due to sickness in the neighbouring four houses were converted by Colethamma as the best time to encounter her divine spouse the Crucified Christ. The Divine Blossom of Maniamkunnu is a simple study of the life of Colethamma and her life style serves as a guide for all religious to progress in spirituality. Sr. Beena Jose FCC has taken great effort to bring out the fragrance of virtues in the life of Colethamma before the Faithful.